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My monochromatic photographs encompass everyday organic objects such as rocks, seeds, and stones. They are made strange and illusive by their enlargement and removal from their original contexts. Without any other illustration or symbolism, they evoke a multitude of associations spanning the ancient to the futuristic. They provide a sense of the “dual reality” of the world and force us to re-examine and question how we identify with the elements in that world. The fragile ambiguity of time and space created in these photographs is further complicated by a cracked varnish enhanced by a dark oil stain.

Usually I use a macro lens and a natural daylight, photographing the objects against a neutral background. Prints are printed in a sepia tone, treated first with acrylic gel medium. They are then treated with aging and cracking varnishes and lastly, an oil stain. After that, treated photographs are ready for re-photographing and printing pictures.



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